Best Fresh Seafood Shops in New Zealand

The South Island has some of the best places to buy fresh seafood. Below we have identified a few that we have found.


This fresh seafood supplier is entirely New Zealand owned and operated. Guyton’s is located in Nelson; they have freshly caught fish right off the fishing boats. Guyton’s receives over 200 fishing vessels per year, providing them with fresh fish. Guyton’s has the reputation of being the country’s best supply of seafood. All of Guyton’s fresh seafood is processed by hand. There are three retail stores located in Nelson, Richmond and Blenheim. They are also wholesale suppliers to many restaurants, supermarkets and food service providers.

Anatoki Salmon

Anatoki Salmon is located 1 km before you enter Takaka, Golden Bay, at 230 McCallum Road. There is nothing more fresh than catching your own fish. This establishment will provide you with the fishing gear you need. The staff at Anatoki Salmon will fillet or smoke your freshly caught salmon for you. While you are waiting for your salmon to be packaged, enjoy some great seafood at the cafe. Your fresh catch can also be prepared for you to eat on the spot.

North Canterbury Seafood Market

North Canterbury Seafood Market is located at 2 High Street in Rangiora, New Zealand. This seafood market purchases its fresh seafood from the Lyttelton fleet. The North Canterbury Market sells seafood at three farmer markets. One is located in Waipara Valley, one in Oxford and one in Ohoka. Customers can also learn how to fillet through the markets teaching sessions.

Tasman Seafood

Tasman Seafoods is located in central Nelson city. The market was once owned and operated by the Kenton family. The family’s fishing and seafood supply history date back to the 1930s. The family provided fish to markets in Wellington, Tasman and Auckland and eventually opened their own retail business. The company is now under the new ownership of Harry Morris.