New Zealand’s Guide to Buying Sustainable Seafood

New Zealand is well known for its variety of fresh seafood. Caught fresh from pristine waters, below is a guide to buying sustainable seafood.

Auckland Angler Wins $32,000

The 2020 Snapper Bonanza: was won by Grant Thompson at Ninety Mile Beach.

Albacore Tuna

The albacore tuna, also known as Thunnus alalunga is in season between December and May. This species is most often found in the warm northern waters of New Zealand. This species of fish is caught by small fishing vessels in New Zealand. Methods used are:

  • Troll
  • Pole
  • Longline

This is one of New Zealand’s sustainable species as there is a large amount and overfishing is very unlikely.

Tips for Buying Tuna

When buying fresh tuna always make sure whole tuna skin is bright with a luminous sheen, eyes are bright and clear, and gills are a rosy pink pastel colour. When buying tuna steaks ensure the flesh is pinkish, semi-transparent and glossy.

Arrow Squid

This species can be found from the surface waters to depths of 500 metres over the continental shelf in New Zealand. There are two species one is the N. gouldi and N. sloanii in the arrow squid family. The arrow squid is available year-round but is in season from December to May. This species life span is quite short-lived. After a year, they spawn and then die. Methods of catching arrow squid are by trawling and jigging.

Tips for Buying Arrow Squid

The whole arrow squid should have a pinkish mottled skin. There should be no damage to the skin.

King Salmon

Located on the east coast of the South Island in the gravel rivers, they are available year-round. All salmon farms in New Zealand are bound by the local, regional council. Therefore this is a very sustainable species.

Tips for Buying King Salmon

Ensure the salmon is a vibrant apricot colour, is firm and moist.