Popular Seafood Dishes in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to many delicious fresh seafood dishes. Try tasting some of the great dishes below.

Asian Salsa on NZ Greenshell Mussels

This delicious dish consists of steamed New Zealand Greenshell mussels topped with a tasty salsa. Spices such as garlic, ginger, coriander and minced chilli make this dish a great hit.

Barbecue Salmon Fillets With Orange Glaze

The orange-glazed marinated salmon simply melts in your mouth. A marinade made from orange marmalade, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger root, garlic and rice wine vinegar prepares the salmon for perfect grilling.

Cockle, Tomato, White Wine Pasta

This delicious seafood dish is a great meal to feed a crowd. The cockles are cooked in white wine and then added to the flavourful tomato sauce. The garlic, chopped tomatoes, bay leaf, salt, basil leaves and parsley make this dish a big hit.

Prawn Mac’N’Cheese with Crab Bechamel Sauce

This is a delicious dish you can find at the Harbourside Restaurant in Auckland.

New Zealand Seafood Recipes

After a visit to the local fresh seafood market, try some of these great recipes at home.

Mussels With Garlic Butter

Top fresh mussels with a bread, parsley and lemon rind crumb mixture, then simply combine three slices of bread, ½ cup of fresh parsley and rind from 1 fresh lemon in a food processor to make a crumb mixture. Combine ½ tsp salt, three fresh cloves of garlic and 75 grams of butter, mix well. Place a dot of garlic butter on prepared mussels and top with crumb mixture and place under a broiler until the crumb mixture is bubbling and becomes golden.

Vinaigrette Dressing for Mussels

Serve mussels with this delicious vinaigrette dressing. The dressing can be made by whisking 5 Tbsp. of oil with 5 Tbsp. of white vinegar. Stir in one finely chopped shallot, one finely chopped red chilli and one clove of garlic and season with salt and pepper.